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Growing up in New York City, there was no shortage of dentists in the area, yet my previous experiences at the dentist made me very frightened. The enormous chair, screeching drills and sight of "needles" were enough to incite my biggest fears, but when I met my new pediatric dentist his bright demeanor, polka dotted bow-tie and way of explaining things patiently made even the scariest things seem easy. This was my initial inspiration for becoming a dentist, as I saw personally what a HUGE difference having the right dentist can make in a child's life.

After I earned my Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree at New York University College of Dentistry, I continued at NYU and Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan for my Pediatric Dental Specialty training (an additional 2 year residency), where I was trained in child psychology and behavior guidance techniques such as Tell-Show-Do, where a dentist uses child friendly words to describe the procedures, shows the child all the instruments and allows the child to become comfortable and calm during their visit. For example, a rubber dam (used to cover the tooth for a filling) can be a "tooth rain coat", an explorer is a "tooth counter". 

I truly believe that by creating a kid friendly environment, and working with each child at his or her level of readiness we can allow our children to have a fun experience at the dentist.

In this day and age, parents are becoming more informed, and are searching out information online.

A major part of preventing dental disease lies in EDUCATION and PREVENTION. I wanted parents to have a resource from a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist where they could search out how to begin early and prevent tooth decay before it starts.

By helping parents be more educated on certain topics such as baby bottle decay, pacifier habits, and dental sealants,to name  few, they can be more informed when making decisions for their children.


I am open to any ideas or topics you would like to discuss. To contact me, send an email to DrLanaDDS@gmail.com. 




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Happy Clients

"She did a wonderful job on my daughter (3 years old) who suffered from a chipped tooth. She did a wonderful job on my daughters tooth, as well as restored her confidence. Not all heroes wear capes. Very happy with my experience here."

"Cooking in Queens Kitchen"

"Once my daughter's pediatric dentist moved out of state I was searching for a pediatric dentist that would be just as patient, gentle, attentive, friendly, and caring. Dr. Lana is all the words I just described. My daughter was terrified due to a previous negative experience and Dr. Lana was able to get her to relax and calm down.  I would definitely recommend..."

"THANK YOU for this site- its rare to find good , quality information from a pediatric dentist regarding children's teeth and cavities online, and I love feeling like I am "in the know" regarding my kids mouth health"

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Brittany Holland



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