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Pediatric Dentistry Made Easy 

Info for Parents

Read up to date information about dental topics for your kids

Guide to Tooth Products

There are TOO many products to choose from! Which toothpaste, toothbrush, training cup and mouthwash is best?

Prepare for your dental visit

Links and videos to help prepare your child for what they will experience at their dental visit

Fun for Kids

 Fun coloring pages and resources for kids to get excited about their oral health!

What do we offer

 Hi there! I am Dr. Lana

I am a Pediatric Dentist based in New York City. 

In this digital age there is certainly no shortage of information out there... but searching through mommy facebook groups and google for advice and information can be daunting!

Parents want the best for their children, and I would like to help bring that science-based information from trusted sources straight to moms and dads everywhere. Whenever possible I also prefer dental products that are more natural and environmentally friendly.


I believe that all children should have the opportunity to be at their best dental health.

Through education and prevention, this can be achieved.

Dental Services 

Now Accepting patients in Queens and Manhattan, NY. For location and appointment requests, fill out form below:

Routine Exams

To ensure gum health, proper teeth development and help prevent cavities, exams should be done every 6 months. 

Dental Hygiene


Cleanings should be done every 6 months for healthy teeth and gums. 

Dental Fillings


When cavities are found, your child may need fillings on baby or adult teeth. Our office is amalgam-free (a mercury containing filling material).

Pediatric Crowns


When cavities are larger, a crown can help maintain the tooth for a longer period of time. We offer same day crown placement. 

Emergency Dentistry


When falls or accidents happen, know where to turn to for broken or damaged teeth.

Space Maintainers


When baby teeth are lost early, space maintainers can help prevent teeth from getting too crowded, and decrease the need for braces in the future  .

Educational video

year old

First visit to dentist

every 6 month

Check ups recommended

20 teeth

Full set of baby teeth by age 3

32 teeth

Full set of adult teeth by age 17


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  • When should a child get their first dental visit?
    ADA and AAPD recommend 6 months after the first tooth comes our, or by 1 year, whichever comes FIRST.
  • How early can a child get a cavity?
    A Child can get a cavity as soon as the tooth is in the mouth, especially if they are eating solids in addition to formula, milk or breastmilk.
  • When should I start brushing my baby's teeth?
    Start brushing teeth as soon as they come out into the mouth.
  • When can my child get dental sealants?
    Baby teeth can get sealants once the molars are erupted and the child is able to cooperate in the chair. Typically, permanent teeth molars can get sealants as soon as they come out, usually around 6 years old.

Blog: Staying up to date with Science Based Info

Product Guide

*Best rated


Best Fluoride toothpaste

Tom's with Fluoride

  • natural ingredients

  • fluoride to help make teeth stronger and fight cavities

  • strawberry flavor is a kid favorite!


Best Non-Fluoride toothpaste

Kid's Spry with Xylitol

  • natural ingredients

  • fluoride free option for training purposes .

  • Xylitol has protective effect against cavities.


Best for sensitivity


  • Potassium nitrate added to decrease sensitivity, such as from braces.

  • Safe for 12 years old and up only.

Happy Clients

"She did a wonderful job on my daughter (3 years old) who suffered from a chipped tooth. She did a wonderful job on my daughters tooth, as well as restored her confidence. Not all heroes wear capes. Very happy with my experience here."

"Cooking in Queens Kitchen"

"Once my daughter's pediatric dentist moved out of state I was searching for a pediatric dentist that would be just as patient, gentle, attentive, friendly, and caring. Dr. Lana is all the words I just described. My daughter was terrified due to a previous negative experience and Dr. Lana was able to get her to relax and calm down.  I would definitely recommend..."

Brittany Holland

"THANK YOU for this site- its rare to find good , quality information from a pediatric dentist regarding children's teeth and cavities online, and I love feeling like I am "in the know" regarding my kids mouth health"

Samantha Kaynery

Happy Clients
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